Derrick Harmony Campbell 

DERRICK CAMPBELL, also known as Harmony, was born in north west London in the 1970s to a family of five, which includes one of UK's finest reggae artistes, his brother Don, a reggae singer from London who is known for his lovers rock style of reggae music and for being a member of the group Undivided Roots in the 1980s.

Harmony grew up in a spiritual household with his mother, a singer in the local church, and his father with his extensive record collection of classic artists such as the O'Jays, Gregory Isaacs, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder, to name a few.

While at secondary school, his peers encouraged him to take up singing as he had good vocal ability. This encouragement lead him to be the singer in a local sound system in the community called Hyper Tec Digital Sound, which included some of his friends.

In 1990, he took part in his first vinyl recording, a track called Raptonic featuring his friend and artist Splebs Kin Kade and the great singer and DJ Tippa Irie. The track was released on the Razor Blade record label.

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