LongLiveSaleem is a unique artist, his style of Hip-Hop is innovative and something that you've probably never heard before. His lyrical content, use of melodies and flows are on par with some of the best rap artists in the game. The style of beats he chooses to write to range from Rock, Pop, Trap, Hardcore Hip-Hop and yet he manages to navigate this terrain with a depth and competence that makes this project a must have in your playlist. The titles of his songs on his new project are carefully chosen to draw you in while he truly delivers on substance. His work ethic is second to none as he is constantly writing, recording, and coming up with new ideas. 

Born Shajhan Salim Miah in Swansea, South Wales he moved to London in 2008 to pursue his music career.  He attended a youth centre in Kilburn, Northwest London, which had a recording studio that he used often to write and record songs. In June 2013 he made himself known to the world by putting out his first project on Soundcloud which contained 9 tracks under the name Saleem. The project received a lot of good feedback and interest from other artists, producers and fans around the world. 

LongLiveSaleem is co-producing his latest project by purchasing beats and collaborating with artists, producers and beat makers such as Joeytheproducer, Neolas, Djuzic, Mazi and many more from as far afield as Austria, France, Russia, Germany, Dubai, South Africa and America.






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